Get to know me

Here’s the thing: I am not an expert in being kinder to myself or calmer in the world. In fact, I can be shockingly bad at both.

I am an often-overwhelmed mother of three young children who spends an extraordinary amount of time trying to figure out how to stay serene and predominantly peaceful so that I can keep all the hats I need to wear balanced elegantly on my head.

I am also a corporate copywriter and editor with nearly 20 years of wordsmithing under my belt, and I run a busy freelance writing practice.

Added to this, I recently moved with my husband and kids across the world from Australia to Utah in the United States (a two-year gig for my husband’s job), and while it’s been an amazing once-in-a-lifetime adventure and opportunity, it’s also at times been incredibly unsettling and confronting and stressful.

So, what’s a girl to do?

Because I love words so much, I read and learn like a woman possessed – things like how to be calmer, more peaceful, more joyful, more optimistic, more positive, and more trusting of the bigger picture and a force greater than myself. There’s a strong spiritual side to what I love to learn about – but there’s a strong practical streak too: like how to be more organized, how to better manage the family circus, how to declutter (and keep it gone), how to plan meals, how to be healthier – and especially how not to lose myself among the mess.  

Basically, I’m constantly trying to figure out how to use my mind and heal my body and organise my home so that joy and peace are my predominant emotions. Why? Because I just want to feel better and move forward when the ‘to do’ list is long and the days are short and the patience is scant. I just want to find calm among the chaos.

And when I find some juicy nuggets of helpful goodness, I love nothing more than to share them. It might be some uplifting words, a new way of thinking about an old problem, or a simple solution to a complex challenge. We’re all in this busy life together, right?

But here’s the thing I struggle with: there is just so much information out there. Oodles of it. And I get so overwhelmed as yet another potential solution in the form of a well-intentioned article or blog post or book or webinar or podcast or online course whizzes past in my news feed or pops into my inbox. It gets to the point where the amount of information defeats its intention: it drives me crazy rather than calms me down and I end up feeling not only spoilt for choice, but paralysed by overwhelm and sometimes fear.

That’s why at KinderCalmer, I believe in getting back to basics. The simplest or most obvious solution is often the best (so my engineer, left-brained husband constantly reminds me).

It’s about short blog posts with one single, simple idea.

It’s about powerful ideas shared in ways that inspire or delight or kick-start action.

It’s not about cluttering our brains and making ourselves feel bad for not doing enough (who defines ‘enough’ anyway?).

It’s not about striving and reaching and struggling and over-extending until we snap.

It’s about being kinder to ourselves and calmer in the world. As often as we can.

That’s my passion. That’s my mission. That’s who I am.

I hope in some small way it helps you.

Natalie Bartley