Using 'positive attunement' to improve your life

Next time you feel like you've lost your way, remember to try this little trick I learnt today from 'kindfulness coach' Olivia Gynell. It's called positive attunement, and it can work wonders.

Positive attunement is the art of flipping your thinking. Instead of focusing on what's going wrong or how badly you're feeling, you change your focus to what you'd prefer to be doing/having and how you'd like to be feeling. Hold an image in your mind of your preferred state, or even find a real photo. The image should make you feel really happy or excited.

Here's an example of how to use positive attunement in your life:

You wake up feeling like your career is off the rails. You don't love what you're doing, but you are 'stuck' until your contract expires in December. You feel like you're stagnating, you're having no fun, and you're drowning in deadlines.

You find an image of a holiday destination you've been dreaming of, or even the type of house you're saving to buy. This image should thrill you. You imagine sitting on the sand relaxing once you've finished your work contract, or opening the front door of your new home for the very first time. You feel the wonder, the sense of achievement, the release, the love ...

You start to feel your spirits lift a little, and then you add gratitude into the mix. You start to feel grateful for the role you're currently in and the money it's allowing you to save. You feel grateful it's only temporary and that it's a stepping stone opportunity. Or, you feel deep gratitude for your partner and the plans you're making together. Bring yourself to tears with gratitude if you can ... think of the very many things that you appreciate in your lift right now. Every little thing, and all the wonderful places you can be.

By this point, you're no doubt feeling a lot more positive and uplifted. Your energy has changed, and you can make progress from this altered, more joyful state.

And because our thoughts direct our actions, and what we focus on we can attract (manifest), you're now in a much more powerful position to feel better and move forward. 

That's positive attunement: attuning to the positive over the negative to change your energy.

There are truckloads of related information to read if you're interested. Many authors explore the idea of the power of thought.

Start with Tony Robbins. Here are a couple of my Tony Robbins'-thinking-inspired posts: How to feel happier right now and The three decisions that shape every moment of your life.

Try Pam Grout or Gabby Bernstein or Marianne Williamson. And of course, the late Dr Wayne Dyer. Dr Joe Dispenza and Dr Lissa Rankin are really interesting too. 

Will you try positive attunement? Do you already use this trick to flip your thinking?




Natalie Bartley