A slow cooker saved my life

Years ago, Australian journalist Juanita Phillips wrote a terrific book titled, A pressure cooker saved my life: how to have it all, do it all, and keep it all together. In it she told her own story of falling apart and putting herself back together by getting practical about her work/life balance. And she peppered it with plenty of recipes using the one tool she credits with helping her get her life back on track: the pressure cooker.

Anyway, I loved the book but I never embraced the pressure cooker. Instead, as a busy mum of three, I fell in love with my slow cooker. I reckon it’s just same-same but different – both appliances are a blessing in time management.

I was reminded of Juanita’s book today when I woke up feeling crappy. You know those days when you’ve woken before you feel ready and you can’t even think straight? Everything feels foggy and off and coffee doesn’t necessarily help? It was one of those days.

So I had to put one foot in front of the other and just get stuff done. And a big part of that was pulling out the slow cooker and a recipe for curried sausages I found on fatmumslim.com.au

But really, the recipe didn't matter – it was the calming action of throwing all the ingredients for a decent family dinner into one bowl at lunchtime and letting it cook away until dinner. Very little thought and no fuss. Done.

And as I threw the last tablespoon of spice into the machine, I marvelled yet again at how having dinner ready ahead of time makes me feel calmer and more in control, because it means, at the busiest time of day, there’s nothing to be done but dish up and sit down. And it’s pretty easy on the clean-up too.

So I reckon a slow cooker is saving my life one meal at a time. How about you? Do you love your slow cooker or are you a Thermomix or pressure cooker fan? What’s your favourite slow cooker recipe?

Get some amazing slow cooker recipes from Sarah Wilson and I Quit Sugar here.

There's a family favourite dinners free printable at Fat Mum Slim too. 

Natalie Bartley