A one-minute meditation

I think we all know that being kinder to ourselves and calmer in the world is a lifelong journey made up of loads of conscious choices. It's definitely not a single step, and it often requires different strategies in different moments.   

I told you recently about how I used mantras to try to stay calm and in control while moving overseas. But, mantras are only one tool in the toolkit of being kinder and calmer.

Mantras are great because they’re quick and catchy, but so are many other things we can use when we need to calm down – like this one-minute meditation from Gabby Bernstein. I’m a huge fan of Gabby’s and I’m loving her new book, The universe has your back.

In the meantime, use this super quick meditation when you need to feel better fast:

Breathe in for five seconds.

Hold your breath for five seconds.

Release for five seconds.

Hold for five seconds.

Repeat this pattern for one minute.

Easy, right? Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Get more Gabby tips on de-stressing here.

Natalie Bartley