How to spot a Christmas miracle

Do you believe in miracles? Or do you think they're something you only see in Hallmark Christmas movies?

I'd say a lot of us grew up thinking a miracle was a huge, rare deal that might come along if we were really in a bind. Miracles seemed of a divine nature, and outside of human control. I'd say miracles are still all of these things, but here's a fresh and simpler perspective from the hugely popular author and 'Oprah thought leader' Gabby Bernstein

A miracle is a shift in perspective from fear to love.

Gabby says any time we choose to see something through the lens of love and not through the lens of fear, we've created a miracle.

So, a miracle could be forgiving someone who hurt you and releasing decades of resentment. Or, choosing to focus on the joy of spending time with your children, rather than worrying about creating the 'perfect Christmas' experience. Or, letting go of built-up bitterness to come together with loved ones for New Year's Day lunch. Or, choosing to see a 'missed opportunity' as a blessing in disguise. Those types of things.  

One clue that you're on the right track with spotting and creating miracles in your life is forgiveness. Gabby says 'Forgiveness is the home of miracles.' Others are gratitude and joy.

I reckon when we look at miracles from Gabby's perspective, we can see how it's possible for all of us to create miracles in our lives all of the time. It's only a matter of switching our attitude from fear to love, which is possibly easier said than done some days, but definitely possible, right? 

Have you experienced a miracle? I'd love to hear.

Here's a little miracle I found in my copy of Gabby Bernstein's book, May cause miracles this morning:




Natalie Bartley